Ooohhh, Come On!

Hey everyone, I'm still learning the ropes on this new coffee roaster. I've roasted coffee before, and I know what good fresh coffee tastes like. But roasting on a bigger machine is a whole new challenge. There's this thing called the Rate of Rise, and it's like a roller coaster. You have to get the machine to do what you want it to do, and it's not always easy.

I made a batch of 3 pounds of Colombian and it was perfect. But when I tried to roast 6 pounds, it didn't turn out the same. I'm still making adjustments, but I'm getting closer. Armen and the others keep telling me the coffee is good, which i know it is, but I know it can be better. I'm not satisfied until it's great fresh coffee, just like our motto says.

So thanks for following along on our journey. I hope you're enjoying your fresh & local coffee!

- Stay Awesome!

- Tristan

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