Why We Started A Coffee Roasting Company?

Why We Started A Coffee Roasting Company?

Why we started Spearfish Coffee Roasters

First off, we have a huge passion for fresh, organic coffee—something that changed both of our lives—and we saw a need for that in the Black Hills. When I first had fresh coffee, it literally changed my life for the better. The flavors in the cup were alive, not just bland and normal.

Coffee has many characteristics and is comparable to wine. Everything from where the coffee cherry is grown to how it's processed to how it's roasted affects all the notes that you gain in the cup. But if the coffee sits for a while, you start to lose the aliveness in the cup. It becomes stale. Think of it as an open bag of chips. After a while, the chips don't taste good anymore; they're stale. Coffee is the same way. After sitting for months, or even sometimes a month, it becomes stale, loses some flavor, and just becomes bland or even not good at all.

Both Armen and I experienced fresh coffee, and it turned our world upside down. We want all of you and the Black Hills to get to experience not only fresh coffee but organic coffee as well. Coffee is commercially grown, and there can be, like any produce, lots of chemicals used to produce the crop. We don't like having all those nasties in our cup. We want a fresh, chemical-free cup of coffee in the morning.

Another reason we started the company is because both Armen and I are Christian family businessmen. We love not only Jesus, our families, and business, but also meeting people. We love being able to meet people, hear their stories, and build relationships with as many people as we can. We care not only about good, fresh coffee but also the people who are drinking fresh coffee.

So, the short of the story is that we're two knuckleheads who love Jesus, love our families, love people, and love good, fresh coffee. We hope that all who drink our coffee love our coffee just as much as we do!

We love the business model of two real families doing real business, and we plan to keep it that way. Your coffee is hand-crafted by me, Tristan, and then packed by our families straight to yours. We love business that we can do something we love and meet and build relationships with people at the same time.

Thank you for your support and business, and thank you for reading our story!

- Tristan

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